Friday, 6 May 2011

First Blog Updates

For our first blog entry I decided to upload our slide which we presented at the Kick-off meeting for the JISC e-content programme on 30th March.  This was a fun day, and each project representative had 3 minutes to present their project.

The slide shows one of the early bones we scanned, a proximal phalanx from the right hand of one of our subjects.  This bone is interesting because it shows the effects of  leprous claw hand which is caused by the leprosy virus attacking the nerves in the arm which results in a fixed flexion of the fingers.  The result of this is that over time a volar groove is formed - this groove can be seen near the left edge of the bone as it appears in the images:

In our next blog we'll talk about the progress of the project so far, and show some images of Andy Holland in action with the laser scanner.

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