Monday, 23 May 2011

Impressive results from our texturing team

In our first post, we showed you raw 3D digitised data of a phalanx bone.  What this didn't have was colour - also known as the "texture map".  For this project, we have assembled a group of 4 extremely talented animation and modelling students to work on the daunting task of texture mapping hundreds of bones. 

Tom Newbold, James Thompson, Patrick Garwood, and Toby Toochukwu have begun work on cleaning the 3D scan data, surfacing, and texture mapping.  Below are a few screen shots of a couple of the proximal phalanx bones from subject C88.

We'll be working towards standardised lighting models for the rendered videos and images, so that the colour appearance is uniform.  Below is a video of the bone shown in the last two images:

Images of the team will follow shortly.

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